Computer Controlled Shaker Technology

The 1088 logs per tree, per bin, & per row yield info of your orchard!
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Dump your bins ALL the way!

The Schieler Harvester Bin Inverter dumps bins a complete 180°!
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Eliminate Sweeping From Your Almond Orchard!

The Schieler Harvester 1088 can harvest almonds without sweeping!
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Schieler Harvester

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  Bin Inverter  
Are you looking for a bin dumper that is built heavy duty and lasts?  Do you have an old dumper that doesn't tip far enough to empty the bin and is expensive to repair?  Want a dumper that fits on almost any fork lift, has common, inexpensive replacement parts and costs 20% less than other dumpers?  Click here for the solution.

  Schieler Harvester 1088 

Are you tired of paying too much to harvest your tree crops?  Do you have problems with your old two-piece loosing fruit and not cleaning the tree?  Do you constantly have to repair several engines and hydraulic components?  Want a machine that can harvest nearly all your tree crops, and do it better, faster, and cheaper?  Click here for the solution.


Would you like to own a bin carrier that has a smooth ride for both your driver and your fruit?  Is your old carrier damaging bins?  Are you having trouble picking up plastic bins and keeping them from sliding around? Want a machine that is faster, has better traction, more power, and costs less?  Click here for the solution.